Young Adult Books

For children aged 15 and up

7 Fragments

Comics and design by Aśka

Debuted at Perth Comic Arts Festival, August 2022


This beautifully printed, full colour collection of seven short comics and comic-poems is all about: love, loss, desire, obsession and the limbo.
From an ill-fated road-trip across Western Australia, to an extreme personal transformation after a break-up, this 32 page book is a visual exploration of big emotions, as well as the quiet, everyday moments.
At present copies of the work are only available directly from me, so shoot me a line through the link below. Each book in this limited print-run has been individually numbered and signed.
Please note: this is a mature audience work (MA15+). It contains some gore and sexual references.
West Coast Comic Anthology #2 book cover

West Coast Comic Anthology #2

Various Artists

Published by Neighbourhood Press, August 2022


West Coast Comic Anthology #1 celebrates some of the best comic and graphic artists W.A. has to offer. This is also the first book designed, Riso printed and published by the Neighbourhood Press.

In this stunning follow up to the first West Coast Comic Anthology, a selection of twenty-four Western Australian comic and graphic artists were asked to create work that responded to the theme of ‘stories from the twilight and periods of obscurity’.

These narrative based works could be anything from a single page illustration to a longer comic. Artists were challenged to create works that showcase the unique print method in which this book was produced.

My 2 page comic, “You Gave Me a Shard of Glass”, is part of this collection.

Cover of Stars in Their Eyes, by Jessica Walton and Aśka

Stars in Their Eyes

Text by Jessica Walton, Comic and design by Aśka

Published by Fremantle Press, October 2021


Maisie has always dreamed of meeting her hero, Kara Bufano, an amputee actor who plays a kick-arse amputee character in her favourite show. Fancon is big and exciting and exhausting. Then she meets Ollie, a cute volunteer who she has a lot in common with.

Could this be the start of something, or will her mum, who doesn’t seem to know what boundaries are, embarrass her before she and Ollie have a chance?

West Coast Comic Anthology - cover

West Coast Comic Anthology #1

Various Artists

Published by Neighbourhood Press, July 2021


Neighbourhood Press are proud to present the West Coast Comic Anthology, a celebration of local talent and the vibrant print method of Risograph.

For the fist time ever, Neighbourhood Press has collected the work of thirty artists who were asked to create short comics or artworks to the theme of PLACE; including references to culture, society, geography and ecology.

Artists involved in this anthology either live in Western Australia or have worked to foster a comic community here or within Australia more broadly.

My 3 page comic, “Welcome to Bayswater”, is part of this collection. You can read it on my website.