Talks and Workshops? Absolutely!

I offer informative, hands-on talks and workshops. And all with an extra blast of inspiration and a huge serve of fun.

I am a visual storyteller, a maker, a thinker, a question-asker, a world-traveller, a button-presser and an imagination-whisperer. My fast-paced sessions are fun, energetic and full of audience participation. With puzzles, games, live drawing and the occasional explosion (all in the name of science!), there’s something for everyone.

I believe that images are a powerful language that can awaken big emotions, make us hungry, send shivers down our spine, push us towards rushed decision-making, and help us grow as individuals. And just as with other languages, like Japanese, algebra or cooking, we need to learn how to ‘speak’ ‘read’ and ‘write’ the language of images. It’s not about talent – we need education.

My presentations and workshops treat drawing as a language. I empower my audience to express themselves with images, I teach critical assessment of visual media, and I illuminate new ways of seeing the world and solving problems. This, I believe, is how we can prepare the next generation for the evermore complex future, full of screens and visual stimuli.

I run a variety of engaging shows and workshops for children, adults and teachers, and can adjust the program to your needs.

Topics I can cover include:

  • visual literacy and visual critical thinking,
  • line-drawing as a language (that anyone can learn!),
  • how to make stories using the language of comics (a great complement to writing courses),
  • how I turn 300-word manuscripts into picture books,
  • designing animated characters,
  • the importance of feeding our imaginations,
  • visualising dyslexia,
  • perseverance: the science of ‘mistakes’,
  • and much more

I’ve worked with tens of thousands of children and adults in schools, libraries, tents and under trees, spreading my boundless enthusiasm for visual storytelling, enriching imaginations and sharing my love of science.

Please contact me with your event ideas and for more information on my rates.

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