ALIA Graphic Podcast

Cover of Stars in Their Eyes, two young people holding hands and looking at eachother

Few weeks back, I had the pleasure of joining Jessica Walton, to talk about our collaborative project, Stars In Their Eyes, on the ALIA Graphic Podcast, which has been shortlisted as one of the 2021 ALIA Notable Graphic Novels. We spoke to James Baker, (Secretary & Collections and Resources Coordinator of ALIA Graphic), about everything from the process of making the book, to the joy of pin-badges.

You can listen to the interview HERE.

Australian Library and Information Association, (ALIA), has a group dedicated to promotion of graphic novels and comics, called ALIA Graphic. They are both a resource and a network for library and information professionals who are interested in the medium. ALIA Graphic also holds an annual award for Notable Australian Graphic Novels.