FREE Science Comic

Two kids wearing DIY science outfits look up the night sky in wonder

The Cosmic Adventures of Alice and Bob, a science comic we made back in 2017, with the amazing Cristy Burne, is now available online!

Ever wanted to find the answer to BIG questions? Or dreamed of inventing the Next Big Thing

The Universe is an amazing place, and we’re only beginning to understand it. There’s still so much to be discovered…

– Join Alice and Bob on their ambitious journey to the hockey finals

– Uncover true stories of scientific failure, fluke and fame

– Find the everyday inventions that began with space research

– Meet the world’s next-generation telescopes, jump on board with Citizen Science, and tackle the big questions with Australia’s keen team of all-sky astronomers.

This 32 page PDF science comic book is part-fiction, part-fact, and all fun!

It also includes a link to the free teaching notes.

Ideal for ages 8 – 12.

You can download it for free, or a donation, HERE.


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